Your Next Step

Your Next Step is about discovering ‘Where to now’? in your journey to become more like Jesus. Whether you are new to Inspire Church, New to Christianity or have been around for awhile, everyone has a ‘Next Step’. Discover yours today.

Just Become a Christian?

At Inspire Church, we believe in strong foundations, fashioned by the understanding of truth that is the gospel. We also understand, that as a new Christian you will have many questions about the next step to take in your relationship with Christ.

We invite any new Christians, or those wanting a better understanding of Christian foundations, to register for our free course that offers great practical keys to living in relationship with Jesus.

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New to Church?

We love having new people visit or enquire about Inspire Church. If you’re new to church, we encourage you to give us 3 weeks to get a good idea of our culture and to settle in. After every service we have a ‘Blue Stand’ in the main foyer for you to visit our friendly team and receive a gift from us to you. Here you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

We also hold a ‘Welcome to Inspire Church lunch’ .  This is a chance to meet & greet our Pastor and team alongside others new to Inspire Church.

Want to Get Involved?

Our church has been built over the years by a committed and faithful volunteer army. The vision for our volunteer ministry is two fold.

  • Attending: It is very important that as a volunteer, you and your family are actually in a service just for you every weekend. We always want to be serving from a position of strength. Attending services weekly and being spiritually encouraged sets us up to be great volunteers.
  • Serving: We try to make it easy for everyone to volunteer in our church, so there is no set minimum requirement or amount of time needed to serve. The majority of our volunteers are serving in our weekend worship services; however, there are also mid-week volunteer opportunities available.

Volunteer Now

There are a huge variety of areas at Kings Church that need volunteers to get involved.

Simply ‘check’ the areas below, give us your details, and we’ll contact you with information on the area and how to be inducted as a volunteer.


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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are a great way to get to know other people and build authentic relationships at the heart of our Church family. We have a city-wide network of connect groups for all age groups. Feel free to visit a couple of groups before choosing one that works for you.

How do I find a Connect Group?

  1. Visit our info desk on a Sunday (See church service times)
  2. Complete the below form and we’ll give you a call with locations and suggestions of a connect group that suits you:

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Water Baptism

Water Baptism is an action of faith through which believers express their commitment. It is a public act that proclaims our intention to the world that we have decided to live a totally new life in Christ. All we have to do is represent, turn away from sin and follow Jesus. In baptism, the immersion of the believer into water symbolises their death to sin and subsequent resurrection to new life in Christ… that is, our entrance into the water during baptism identifies us with Christ’s death on the cross and His burial in the tomb. When we come out of the water, we identify with His resurrection from the dead. Jesus freely chose to die in our place, so we must willingly enter into the waters to rise in newness of life.

Baptisms are conducted regularly in conjunction with our Sunday services. If you would like to be baptised or want to know about our upcoming baptism schedule, email us at or call us on (02) 6926 4444